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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday? Shopping?

Get real! I did NOT go shopping today, with the exception of 1 trip to Home Depot for some neccesary wire cable clamps. I did spend the day hiding out in my shop.

I reinstalled a big shelf that had been removed for the re-roof job last fall and then put up a bunch of boxes and bags that were taking up floor space. I put up a couple big hooks to hold power cords and c-clamps and I found a place to stack the reload ammo tubs. Overall, I got a lot of cleanup done and some floor space recovered, so the shop isn't quite so cluttered looking.

During the week I also fixed all the gaps between the walls and roof that were letting the light and the heat out. Some of the gaps were small enough to fill with caulk, some of them required some patch panels installed and then the caulk made everything tight.

My aged Visla dog, Sandy, is standing next to my chair right now. Her nasal cavities are whistling a tune with so many sounds that she sounds like a steam calliope! I don't know if dogs have septums like a human, but if they do, hers is busted, deviated, worn out or something because she has a real panopoly of tunes emanating from her grey haired muzzle!

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